More colours for the Asus Eee PC 901 and 900 XP

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eee-pc-901-colours.jpgIt would be easy to be cynical in this post, given the huge range of Eee models available, but no, I’m applauding Asus for this. They’re launching a couple of new colours for the really rather nifty Eee PC. Cherry red for the 901, and purple for the 900XP.

I’m a strong believer that computers should look good. After they were beige for years and years, it seems like now you can’t get a PC case that isn’t black or silver, and laptops are exactly the same. Unless you spend a lot of money on a Vaio or a Mac, the only really nice looking laptops are the recent HP Pavilion models, and all three of those come in just black, white and silver.

I’ll happily congratulate any company who want to put a splash of colour into their laptop range. After all, now that most of the population can afford one, people are going to want to express their individuality. Red and purple is a nice start, and I particularly love the red one, though I’m not so keen on the flowers all over it. It would be nice if both colours were available for both models though.

Eee PC (via TrustedReviews)

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