Poles not keen on iPhone, actors paid to stand outside stores


iphone3G.jpgIt seems the buzz surrounding the launch of the iPhone 3G hasn’t extended to Poland, where demand for the device is so lacklustre that Orange is paying people to stand in queues.

In fact, the news article claims that “actors” are hanging about outside stores. Perhaps they’re paid extra if they do a little monologue about how great the iPhone is?

It seems Apple’s “Billy No Mates” iPhone could struggle in Poland, where monthly charges from both Orange and T-Mobile may have put people off.

It looks as if Poland could be one of the few places where it isn’t difficult to get an iPhone of any colour.

(Via Reuters)

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Andy Merrett
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  • it is possibility to take a shorter contact but the price of Iphone is much higher then.
    In Poland two operators offer Iphone Orange and Era (vodafone)

  • Cost of Iphone is pretty high. In Orange Iphone 8GB cost 1PLN (0,5 USD) with monthly fee 150PLN (about 75USD) and 32months agreement

    With other plans Iphone cost is much, much higher

    Now I use LG viewty but I wait for HTC touch PRO. It’ll be a best choice for me. I would choice HTC Diamond but lack of SD card port and short battery life syopped mi for a while



    • Quite long contract, nearly three years. Wow. Makes 18 months in the UK seem not so bad. Often wonder whether there’s much competition in countries where more than one operator can sell the iPhone.

  • Hi. Greets from Poland. They weren’t actors but students :))))) In fact demand on Iphones is not so huge than in other countries. I think that We love Windows devices ;P

    • That’s interesting, MJ, thanks for the info. I guess if Polish students are like British students then they have a bit of time on their hands and could do with the cash. 😉

      I haven’t yet investigated the cost of the iPhone in Poland, both the initial handset cost and monthly subscription. I’ve read some horror stories of exorbitant prices elsewhere, particularly in some South American countries. So much for Steve Jobs’ promise of the iPhone 3G being the same price in every country – Apple has no real control over the final price.

      Are you getting an iPhone, MJ, or are you a Windows Mobile fan too?

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