UPDATED: Nike+iPhone = a pretty way of visualising just how unfit you are

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UPDATE: According to Engadget, the screenshot below is probably a horrible fake – other pictures show the app retrieving information on what song is currently playing… which is something iPhone apps cannot currently do, which points towards someone being a bit too enthusiastic with photoshop. This isn’t to say Nike+iPhone will never exist though – I’d actually be more surprised if Apple didn’t come up with it eventually.

Some screenshots have been leaked of an updated version of the Nike+ iPod, the shoe/music player hybrid for athletics training and the like, redesigned for the iPhone.

This means that the only old iPod product left that needs to receive an update is the U2 iPod – though there are rumours that an update version is in the works, with a special “slap Bono” touch screen feature, designed to boost sales.

As you might expect, everything has been updated – the software will apparently make use of the iPhone’s GPS and integration with Google Maps and will let you set personal goals and targets. There is no word yet though on whether or not there will be a mode where an aggressive personal trainer shouts things like “Push it to the max”, “Feel that burn” and “That’s right, I actually spent three years at university getting a degree in PE” at you.

Apparently it will be available from mid-to-late September, so you’ve still got about a month in which you can justifiably do no exercise.

(via iPhon and Electricpig)

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