Top 10 selling Christmas gifts of all time. How many of these can you remember?

From Monopoly to the Rubik's Cube and Gameboy, a whole host of crazes have taken the world by storm over the past few decades. But how many of these top-selling Christmas gifts from yesteryear are you old enough to remember? Chris Price reports Everyone remembers that one special toy they just had to have for Christmas when…

REVIEW: Finis Neptune SwiMP3 player

This latest generation underwater MP3 player is Finis' first to feature a separate component housing the electronics. Will having to strap this to your goggles in addition to the two ear-pieces make it much more difficult to use? Read our full review to find out!

iTunes MP3 downloads hit new 25 billion song sales milestone

Apple have revealed that their iTunes digital music storefront has hit another significant milestone, passing 25 billion song sales since it first opened for business a decade ago. Working out at roughly 15,000 purchases a minute, the 25 billionth purchase…

How does the new iPhone compare to other models?

With the marketing of each newly released model of iPhone causing worldwide hysteria it is inevitable that it is likely to be a disappointment to most buyers. If you are expecting any kind of drastic overhaul then forget it,…

REVIEW: Atomic Floyd AirJax + Remote Sport

A super stylish set of earphones this way comes from Atomic Floyd, but are these AirJax just another case of all style and no audio substance at a hefty price tag? Read on to find out!