Nike+iPod can be used as a tracking device say uni boffins

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The technological personal trainer that is the Nike+iPod could now be a personal tracking device, too, according to a security expert.

A demo from researchers at the University of Washington showed that the transmitter/receiver pair that lets the iPod and shoes communicate can be picked up and tracked up to 60 feet away. The RFID broadcasts a unique identifier, so it could be possible to keep tabs on one particular piece of equipment, and thus if you knew the person using that equipment, you’d know where they were.

The university team said that they had build a surveillance device costing just $250, and integrated it will Google Maps.

Neither Nike nor Apple have commented on the findings. You could argue that a 60 foot range isn’t particularly great – you’re not going to be tracked from space but I suppose there’s the potential for misuse.

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