Canon calculate energy waste caused by businesses leaving equipment on over Christmas break


Canon have calculated how much energy is likely to be wasted by companies who leave their computers on over the festive period. For some lucky people, there’s at least a 10-day break ahead, and Canon predicts that many businesses will leave their PCs, fax machines and other equipment on standby (or even full power) over that period.

They predict that the amount of energy wasted would be enough to roast 4.4 million turkeys.

Devices left running will use 43.6 million kWh of electricity, using around 19,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, and costing businesses around £8.66m.

Unsurprisingly, PCs use the most energy, followed by such things as fax machines and photocopiers.

I think the message is clear – unless your computer is doing something important whilst you’re away from it, switch it off.

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Andy Merrett
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