Marware Sportsuit Relay Armband for iPod Nano – Nike+ on the cheap

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Remember the Nike+ running system? It was launched a year ago in conjunction with Apple, monitoring your pace and offering up a playlist to match your running. Well, if you don’t fancy buying the trainers needed to use it, you can do it on the cheap with the Marware Sportsuit Relay Armband for iPod Nano.

As well as offering you music, the Nike+ system also records your training onto your hard drive, so you can monitor your progress, but with the Marware Sportsuit Relay Armband, you can do it without buying the Nike trainers. The system offers and integrated iPod armband that accommodates the Nike Plus receiver on the arm and includes a shoe pouch to hold the transmitter.

The armband offers solid protection for your iPod and its design allows you to wear it on either your bicep or your wrist. Available now, it retails for £16.49.

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