Mobile phones cause forgetfulness

Mobile phones

zyb_mobile.jpgHere’s a quick challenge for you – try and remember five numbers that are stored in your mobile phone. Tricky isn’t it? If you’re finding it a challenge, you’re not alone.

Over two thirds of the UK mobile phone users – 69 percent – were unable to recall five numbers from their phone memory in a recent survey.

With thefts of mobile phones accounting for 40 percent of robberies and only four out of ten people backing up their contacts it’s a bit of a recipe for disaster.

But all is not lost – ZYB is touting an online back up service that works with most phones and any UK network. You need to store you numbers on the phone memory, not the SIM, then sign up at the website and follow the instructions.

Given that on average we store 80 numbers in our phones, it’s probably worth doing something about it sooner, rather than later.

Will Head
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  • Forgetful people and websites that save all your phone numbers are nothing new. I’ve been using Mobyko for a while now and am very happy with their easy to use service. I sync all my numbers on regular basis and also save the odd photo with them. Here’s the link

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