Sony reveals marginally redesigned PSP at Games Convention

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If there are slightly fewer geeks quietly hanging around outside your local internet cafe, there’s a reason – they’ve all flown to Germany for Games Convention, Europe’s biggest annual video game show.

Sony revealed its GC plans last night, one of which is this – a redesigned PSP, dubbed the PSP-3000 thanks to its serial number. You might not be able to spot much of a difference externally, but inside you’re getting a supposedly “enhanced” LCD screen that’s better at coping with outdoor lighting conditions, plus a built-in microphone for easier playing of “party” “games” and Skype-ing.


There are more photos over on Sony’s gaming Flickr page, where other delights as Kratos playing golf and a horrendously awkward-looking Wireless Keypad for PS3 await.

The newer PSP will arrive this Autumn, for however much 199 euros translates to at the time. Or simply 199 euros if you live somewhere other than here.

(Via Sony)

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