Go!View video on demand for PSP launches today

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go-view.jpgSo there I am, sitting at my desk eating my chicken and cheese club sandwich trying not to drop slices of heavily mayoed tomato onto the keyboard when what should turn up in my inbox in a rather casual manner but the announcement that the Sony PSP video on demand service, Go!View, has just gone live? Indeed, just like that.

So, if you own a PSP and are averse to video piracy, then right now this minute you can get yourself over to the Go!View site, register for either a subscription or PAYG package and, er, go view, is how I believe the marketing goes on this one.

The way it works is that you can sign up for three different packs of either sport, featuring Premier League football; entertainment, featuring Dr Who and Top Gear; and comedy, featuring Desperate Housewives and presumably other shows which are actually funny.

One pack will cost you a fiver a month, two is a eight quid and three, a tenner. The other method is to pay per rental but I have a feeling that you can’t access the same volume of material and, what’s more, it’s darned expensive at anywhere between £1.50 – £2.50 a throw.

Undoubtedly plenty of people will sign up and even if they don’t, I’m sure it’ll be no blow to either Sony or Sky whose office toilets house rolls of perforated fifties.

The one thing that would raise the bushy black eyebrows of even the hardiest of content pirates is the sports pack but as the games aren’t actually live, then the service doesn’t quite have the same draw it could.

What Go!View does provide is ease of use and ease of conscience and, perhaps more importantly, a guaranteed quality watch. Now go view.


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Daniel Sung
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