Zeer – going all web 2.0 on your shopping list's ass

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zeer-logo-white.gifEggs. Flour. Milk. Teabags. Oranges. Ice cream. Organic Sunflower Seeds. Are you tired of the same old shopping lists? Me neither – I just tend to buy frozen pizza, cider, and supernoodles on my weekly shop, and I don’t need a list for that. If I had a wee bit more concern over my diet, however, I’d sign right up for Zeer.

It’s a startup which promises to catalogue your supermarket trip, allowing you to create and edit shopping lists weeks in advance, as well as seeing reviews and recommendations from other shoppers. You can then print out your lists, or view them on your mobile phone, so you don’t forget that crucial cheesecake when under the harsh lights of the bakery section.

Zeer is a bit US-centric currently, being based in the States, but it’s already got over 100,000 products categorised with nutritional info. There are also a bunch of “communities” that you can join. Some are related to Allergies, others relate to vegetarianism or veganism, others are just for people who really like beer.

Zeer is still in Beta, but it’s very highly polished, and while playing with it briefly nothing struck me as being wrong or out of place. It was also pretty easy to find stuff I was looking for. A search for “cupcakes” brought up over 40 products.

I like Zeer. I won’t use it personally, but if you care a little about what you eat and what’s in it, then I would strongly recommend it for the community and mobile aspects alone.

Zeer (via Mashable)

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Duncan Geere
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