eBay Nutcase of the Week: Boy bids £200,000 for second-hand Nintendo Wii

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wii-ebay-bidder-200000-pounds.jpgA child who has yet to learn the true value of money went crazy on eBay, using his granddad’s login details to bid £200,000 for a Nintendo Wii.

Unsurprisingly, five-year-old Archie Lovett won the auction.

Ray Atkinson, 54, then received an email asking him for £197,654. Imagine how happy he was about that. Ray obviously contacted the seller (after a brief period of panic, we’d imagine), explained it was the actions of a MAD CHILD and asked if it would be OK to perhaps not pay the £197,654.

The seller kindly wrote off the life-changing amount of money, but asked the kid if he still wanted the Wii regardless. How caring. Makes you proud.

(Via Telegraph)

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Gary Cutlack
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  • The seller had a shill bump the max bid up to that amount. The outbid notifcation function isn’t a feature; it’s SOP and one of the main reasons ebay is so successful. You don’t have to sit there and watch the auction. Either that or this story is just that. A story.

  • Most likely the seller was having a friend “bump” the bids by $1 and eventually someone must have put one hell of a maximum bid in.

  • You’re incorrect. Any standard bid above the current bid will only go above the top bid by a minimal increment, but will still maintain the “maximum bid”. So for this story to be true, someone else would’ve had to have kept bidding high also.

  • No, you’re thinking of a feature on eBay. You can either put in any amount and it will bring the bids to that amount, or you can use eBay’s feature to auto-bid for you, which means it will only bid $1 above the other highest bidder, up to your set maximum amount.

  • but even still, it shouldn’t have gotten so high, cuz if i put 10,000 in and the current bid is only 10, it will only make me bid like, 11, then as more people bid mine will go up untill it reaches my max

  • eBay doesn’t work that way. Your bid only goes up just enough to beat someone else’s, up to your maximum bid. This means that someone else had their maximum bid set at £197,500 or somesuch. I call shenanigans.

  • No, the boy probably just pressed big numbers, there was probably a lower bid like 100? and he hit 200000 : )

  • How did the auction get to that amount though? Doesn’t that mean somebody else was willing to bid almost that much?

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