EA hit back on YouTube to Tiger Woods/Jesus claims

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A little bit of backstory: a Tiger Woods golf title from EA seems to have a glitch in it which allows the user to walk onto water hazards and hit balls from there as if they were dry land. A user, Levinator25, took some footage of this, and uploaded it onto YouTube, mocking the company.

However the company have hit back with a video response of their own – here it is:

It’s wonderful to see a company as big as EA completely understand the YouTube subculture, and how to use it to turn bad publicity into a great marketing strategy. I’m not going to run out and buy the Tiger Woods game in question because of it, but I do think a lot more highly of them than I did before, and I’m posting about it right here. Nice work guys!

Tiger Woods 09 – Walk on Water (via Mashable)

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Duncan Geere
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