Wii News: Resident Evil 4, Tiger Woods, and drum demands


resi4.jpgYou can’t keep a good zombie down. Well, you can with a match and a can of petrol, but you know what I mean. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition has been given a UK release date of 29th June, and will hopefully be the scariest use for the Wiimote controller yet.

Meanwhile, Tiger Woods has appeared in a TV ad hitting golf balls with a Wiimote, while elsewhere, geeks are using the Wii controller as a high-tech door-locking device. DK Bongo Blast has switched from GameCube to Wii for its release later this year, and talking of Bongos, in a cry from the heart, WiiWii wants to know what happened to Nintendo’s Wii Drums game.

(via WiiWii)

Stuart Dredge
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