Nitrogen-infused golf club allows you to pretend to be John Daly


This, ladies and gentlemen, is the PowerBilt Air Force One. It’s a golf club, and it’s full of Nitrogen. Why is it full of Nitrogen? I’m glad you asked. It’s full of Nitrogen because Nitrogen improves the ‘trampoline effect’ when the club makes contact with the ball, and allows the makers to produce a club that gives you optimum distance but retains a large sweet spot.

All in all, you’re going to end up with a drive like John Daly’s. The driver’s going to cost US$500, along with US$350 for a fairway wood and US$250 for a hybrid iron. I don’t know much about how much golf clubs cost, but that does seem rather on the expensive side. Still, for the longest drive in Golf, perhaps it’s worth it.

PowerBilt (via CrunchGear)

Ballesteros Golf Watch gives me a Seve


Feel like owning a piece of golfing history? Currently lacking a watch? If you fall into the centre of that rather obscure Venn diagram, then what you need is the Seve Ballesteros golf watch pictured above. It’s made of the bits of the golf clubs that ol’ Seve used in his five under par victory at the Chunichi Crown Open in Japan back in 1991.

Of course, there’s only so many clubs that Ballesteros used back then, nine irons, a pitching wedge and a sand wedge, to be precise, so the watch comes in a limited edition of 50. It’s got a hole counter and a stroke counter, though the stroke counter only goes up to ten. It’ll be released in November, and cost a whopping 21,500 Swiss Francs (£11,340). Each comes with the name of the club used to make it engraved on the back.

Seve Ballesteros Golf Watch (via Gizmag)

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