Abandon work! Line Golfer is here to get you sacked



You’ve played the famous web flash game Line Rider, right? The one where you draw a course with your mouse then send a little bloke hurtling down it? Well, there’s something even better to play now, using a similar concept. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you with… Line Golfer!

Yep, it sees you using your mouse to draw a golf hole, which you can then share with other players to see how tough it is, complete with sand, rough and fairways. And no, you need to think a bit more ambitious than just drawing a comedy cartoon penis and making people putt around it. Jack Nicklaus wouldn’t approve of that, and neither do I.

The game’s got idiot-proof controls, and is fearsomely addictive. Have a go, via the link below.

Line Golfer (via Red Ferret)

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Stuart Dredge

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