Alaplaya has a manga games Christmas celebration


alaplaya-christmas.pngPlaying online web games is more likely to hurt your wallet than fill it. At least, it is if you end up playing too many during work hours and get sacked. However, Alaplaya is turning the equation on its head, with a Christmas advent calendar giveaway.

Basically, every day until Christmas someone will win £350 from the site, with other smaller prizes going to less lucky gamers. It’s all in the name of celebrating the site signing up more than 100,000 users in its first three months of operation.

Meanwhile, some of Alaplaya’s most popular games are getting Christmas-themed refits, including dance battle Audition, sports title FantasyTennis, and adventure game Come On Baby. Expect Santatastic items and accessories for in-game characters.

Alaplaya website

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