aims to cross casual games with social networking



Get set for social gaming! What’s that? Gaming is social already? Oh…

Okay, so’s big claim that it’s a “pioneer of social gaming” is more marketing message than reality. Games have always been social, whether played huddled round a C64 or SNES, or played online on Xbox Live. However, that doesn’t mean Doof isn’t an innovative site.

Its idea is to cross casual web games with social networking, complete with community features, chat, gifts, avatars and Facebook-style status updates. There’s also all the high scores and rankings tables you’d want to fuel your competitive instincts. I’ve just signed up, and it all looks very slick and well-designed.

Doof will face competition, of course, as established casual gaming sites add in more social networking features, while social networks get more into web games (witness MySpace’s deal with Oberon for an example of that).

Doof website

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