Facebook on the look out for a games boss

Facebook have just posted a vacancy for a games boss to build new titles and manage the increasing number of ties with casual games publishers working with the social network. With Zynga's Farmville alone commanding a massive 80 million of…

Doof.com aims to cross casual games with social networking


Get set for social gaming! What’s that? Gaming is social already? Oh… Okay, so Doof.com’s big claim that it’s a “pioneer of social gaming” is more marketing message than reality. Games have always been social, whether played huddled round a C64 or SNES, or played online on Xbox Live. However, that doesn’t mean Doof isn’t an innovative site.

MySpace announces MySpace Games casual gaming service

oberon.jpgMySpace has revealed its next big push: into casual online games. The social network is launching MySpace Games early next year, in partnership with gaming firm Oberon Media.

It’ll let you play hundreds of web games, including multiplayer titles, while also sharing them via your MySpace profile. The games will all be free of charge, and will tie into MySpace, for example letting you play against your friends. In-game chat will also feature heavily. MySpace and Oberon are promising “further community initiatives” in early 2008 too.

Alaplaya: anime online games with a Web 2.0 twist


There’s no shortage of online casual gaming sites, but the latest to join the fray sounds like it’s got enough to stand out from the crowd. It’s called alaplaya, and its visually-arresting anime visuals are the big selling point.

Casual Game Of The Week: Cannon Bods

It's Friday afternoon! There's no need to do any work, it'll keep till Monday. What you need is to wind down to the weekend by firing some pirates out of cannons. If you don't have any pirates (or cannons) to…

Super Collapse 3 is the best casual game in the world

That's not me saying that, either. It's the prestigious Zeebys Awards, which took place yesterday in Amsterdam to garland the best web games of 2006. RealArcade's Super Collapse 3 took the prize for Casual Game Of The Year. The game…