Alaplaya: anime online games with a Web 2.0 twist

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There’s no shortage of online casual gaming sites, but the latest to join the fray sounds like it’s got enough to stand out from the crowd. It’s called alaplaya, and its visually-arresting anime visuals are the big selling point.

Well, one of them. You create and customise an avatar using the points you win by playing the site’s games, which are designed to appeal to the full range of gamers, from n00bs through to l33t warriors. Or something.

Examples? How about dancing title Audition, or sporty game Fantasy Tennis, or adventure Come On Baby? There’s loads of community features too, including instant messaging, chatrooms and noticeboards. And during its two-week beta trial, alaplaya signed up over 20,000 users, so it must be doing something right.

alaplaya website

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