Puzzle Pirates: An MMORPG with extra puzzles. And pirates.


puzzlepirates.pngSay what you like about pirates, but they ARE better than ninjas, despite those on Facebook who’d have you believe otherwise. And for proof, you can look at Puzzle Pirates, an up-and-coming casual MMORPG.

Hang on, ‘casual MMORPG’? Surely they’re all hardcore orcfests for people with 20 hours a week to spare for online fantasy action? Not in this case. Puzzle Pirates is a collection of suitably seafaring mini-games, with tax your brains as much as your brawn.

There’s the obligatory ‘create your own pirate avatar’ option, and thousands of other players to say ‘arrrrr’ to. But what I like most about it is the notion that MMORPGs don’t have to be hardcore (or, indeed, be stuffed with dark elves and goblins). More power to their parrots.

Puzzle Pirates website

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Stuart Dredge
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