Nokia planning ambitious cross-platform N-Gage / PC game

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whiterock.jpgLater this year, Nokia is having its second crack at the mobile gaming market with a relaunch of N-Gage. However, rather than being a standalone gaming handset, this time it’ll be a mobile gaming platform that runs across a bunch of Nokia’s Series 60 phones.

Anyway, it seems Nokia is keen to push the boundaries of mobile gaming to include PC gamers. The company is reportedly working on a secret game, codenamed ‘Project White Rock’, which will run on N-Gage handsets AND PCs.

Details of the actual game are scarce, other than the fact that it’s NOT an MMORPG, but that it’ll have more than a thousand lines of recorded dialogue. Here’s hoping that doesn’t mean a new version of Snake with FMV cut-scenes, mind.

(via Pocket Gamer)

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