T-Mobile launching free ad-supported mobile games


Despite my slightly negative perception of mobile games, this seems to be good news. T-Mobile has announced today that its customers will get full, free mobile games, in exchange for watching some adverts.

The first game to be available is Poker Million II, which is playable if customers watch two full-screen ads before and two full-screen ads after the game. The client software automatically detects which games will be compatible for your device, and won’t offer you anything you can’t play.

Nokia N81 8GB music phone ships… for £300


Nokia has announced that its Nokia N81 8GB mobile is now shipping, alongside the slightly runtier N81 (and really, if you’re going to buy a top-spec music phone, you want the 8GB version…).

The N81 8GB has an unsubsidised price of 430 Euros (about £300). Normally, I’d ignore that, given that operators generally slash a huge chunk of that price for contract users. However, the N81 has been controversially missed out of some operators’ Christmas handset lineups, meaning that for some networks, you’ll have to pay the unsubsidised price to get one.

Guitar Legend: like Guitar Hero but on your mobile phone

guitarlegend.gifGuitar Hero! Rawk! You should see my hot riffs. But surely it’s one console game that’ll never get converted to run on mobile phones…

But no. Mobile games publisher Gameloft hasn’t got the official Guitar Hero licence, but it has released a mobile game called Guitar Legend that uses the same core gameplay. So it’s all about pressing buttons according to notes travelling towards you on a guitar neck.