X-Factor mobile game – now you can fail to impress Simon Cowell on the bus

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x-factor-mobile-game.jpgWho decided this was a good idea? Mobile games are almost always awful, and so is the X-factor, so putting them together multiplies the awfulness. No, worse, it squares the awfulness. No – that doesn’t even come close. I’d say it’s the veritable factorial of awful. Or, awful! as I should probably refer to it as.

Ahem. Away from mathematical diversions, this game features an “interactive role-play based experience”. You create a performer, and play a bunch of minigames including choreography, singing, “fan meeting”, “fashion dash” and “groove”. You then fight to win the competition and get a number one single.

If, and I pray that that’s a big if, you want to try it out yourself, then it’s available now across all major UK operators, including 3, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile, or by texting ‘fame’ to 80100. O2 users will be able to do the same from the 27th October.

Namco Mobile

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Duncan Geere
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  • Some mobile games are awful, but not as many as used to be. And there are plenty of great ones out there – try Playman Summer Games 3, Tetris Pop, Urban Attack, Peggle, Soul of Darkness, Chuzzle, Car Jack Streets, Real Football 2009, SolaRola…

    Anyway, I think if you played some of the good ones, you’d like them.

    • I love Peggle on my PC, so no reason why I wouldn’t like it on my phone, too, I suppose.

      I’m not really into sports/driving games. I decent RPG or strategy game would make me happy – do you have any recommendations along those lines?

      I just seems like every mobile game out there is an awful tie-in with a TV show, or big IP like Star Wars. I understand they make those games because that’s what people buy, but there simply don’t seem to be any mobile games out there with more than an ounce of depth.

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