Vivendi's Bourne Conspiracy mobile game out later this month – screen shot included

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bourne-conspiracy.jpgVivendi Games Mobile has thrown out a few teaser shots of their latest cellular adventure, the Bourne Conspiracy, based on the trials of the amnesic, double-hard agent that is Jason Bourne.

Later this month you’ll be able to duff up the bad guys, while totally ignoring the beautiful galleries and nightspots in Europe’s finest cities, and all while refusing to give up some of your hard earned elbow room on the one of the arm rests of the Circle Line.

Vivendi, who hold the licenses to World of Warcraft and Crash Bandicoot amongst more game dynasties than you could shake a gaming thumb at, has designed the Bourne Conspiracy to last 90 minutes (like a film, get it?) and only to require one hand to play.

So, even if you get shoved out of your seat on the Tube altogether, you can still game without fear of flying across the carriage and into the lap of a heavily tattooed gentleman who just got out of prison. Transport For London has one installed on each train.

(via Pocket Gamer)

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  • I’m sorry, but maybe i’ve been playing GTAIV on my PS3 too much, but that screenshot looks terrible.

    • Anything would be a relief from sodding Sudoku on my phone. I’ll slit my wrists if I even consider playing it again.

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