T-Mobile launching free ad-supported mobile games

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t-mobile-logo.jpgDespite my slightly negative perception of mobile games, this seems to be good news. T-Mobile has announced today that its customers will get full, free mobile games, in exchange for watching some adverts.

The first game to be available is Poker Million II, which is playable if customers watch two full-screen ads before and two full-screen ads after the game. The client software automatically detects which games will be compatible for your device, and won’t offer you anything you can’t play.

Best of all, T-Mobile ‘Web’n’Walk’ (internet) customers won’t be charged for the data used to download the games, or view the adverts. Nor are there any limits on how many games you can download or how often you can play them.

I’d be very interested to see if T-Mobile’s next step is to offer a ‘premium’ service where users can get the same games, with the same lack of restrictions, for a small subscription fee (£5 – £8) each month. Now that’s something I’d be interested in signing up for, assuming the games offered are actually any good – which is quite a big assumption in the world of mobile gaming.

T-Mobile Press Release

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Duncan Geere
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