T-Mobile launching free ad-supported mobile games


Despite my slightly negative perception of mobile games, this seems to be good news. T-Mobile has announced today that its customers will get full, free mobile games, in exchange for watching some adverts.

The first game to be available is Poker Million II, which is playable if customers watch two full-screen ads before and two full-screen ads after the game. The client software automatically detects which games will be compatible for your device, and won’t offer you anything you can’t play.

T-Mobile offers 50p-per-day 'Five Day Pass' for PAYG handset customers

T-Mobile_to_left%282%29.jpgIt’s a battle of the mobile internet this Christmas, with Vodafone lowering their prices to match T-Mobiles unlimited monthly data fee, £7.50.

Biting back, T-Mobile’s just launched a five day pass for those hesitant to commit to the monthly fee for their web’n’walk plan, and have just PAYG handsets. For the five days, customers can expect to pay just 50p each day…