T-Mobile announces Android Market applications available at launch

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android-market.pngOne of the features of T-Mobile’s Android-powered G1 device will be “Android Market” – a place where you can download third-party applications for the device, much like the iTunes App Store.

T-Mobile has just released a list of the applications that’ll be available at launch, and we’ve got hold of it. Everything from guitar tuition, through language translation, to ringtone creation is available as an application.

There’s a full list after the jump, but some particular highlights for me include a Wikipedia application, allowing me to cheat at pub quizzes, Shazam, for when I can’t work out what that god-damn song is, and a carbon-footprint tracker, because I’m actually quite good with my emissions, so I can feel smug.

Here’s the list of applications available free on Android Market from 30 October. The amount of apps available will obviously increase over the coming weeks.

Barcode Scanner v2.1 – Scans and recognises the barcode of any product
ShopSavvy – Compares prices online and on the high street
CompareEverywhere – Scans barcodes and gives directions to local stores using Google maps

Mandelbrot Map – Map viewer
Krystle II – Pet your phone
Pocket Seismograph – Monitors the phone’s accelerometer
Translate – Translation tool
Pro Football Live! – Football news / information
BreadCrumbz – Navigate via user-generated pictures
e-ventr – Event organizer and friendship scout
iMap Weather™ – Weather application
Ecorio – Track and reduce your carbon footprint, “green community”
Cocktail! – Database of cocktails
Cooking Capsules Taster – Cooking application
Wikitude – AR Travel – Mobile travel guide
AccuWeather.com – Global weather

Shazam – Identify music, store and buy music
PicSay – Personalize pictures with text
Panoramio – Finds pictures of interesting places in your area
TuneWiki – Next generation social media player
BlueBrush – Draw with friends, share the same canvas
Video Player v.01 – Plays video files off of the G1’s SD card
Photostream – Photo browser for Flickr
Ringdroid – Create ringtones
SplashPlay – Music application

QuickList – To do lists
WikiMobile Encyclopedia – Wikipedia for mobile devices
Maverick – IM compatible to Google Talk

Radar – Draw a bearing between the user’s current location and latitude/longitude
Task Switcher – Search-Space is the new “Alt-Tab”
Spare Parts – Android developing tool
Text-To-Speech Translator – Text-to-speech services
Any Cut v0.5 – Home shortcuts to “anything” on your web or your phone
Locale – Manages phone settings based on conditions (e.g. location)
Contacts De-Duper – De-duplicate your contacts to streamline your contacts folder
Shutter Spead – Detailed camera settings to make the most of the in-built camera and web access
DiskUsage – Utility to examine SD card content to manage what you store on your phone
Rings Extended – Replaces standard ringtones

Games & Puzzles
PAC-MAN by Namco
Metamath Solitaire
Anagrams v0.2
Slide Puzzle
Divide and Conquer!
CB Blackjack
Bubble Bash
Bonsai Blast
Balls 2 The Wall
Android Says


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