Mobile apps to be bigger than CDs by 2012

Could mobile phone apps be set to outsell CDs? That's the prediction GetJar are making, believing that applications will generate $17.5 billion worth of revenues in 2012, compared to CD's $13.83 billion as predicted by the IFPI. The prediction comes…

iPad and iPhone app developer's contract leaks online

The contract which each iPhone or iPad app developer must sign before submitting their creations has leaked online. Though developers are banned from speaking of the agreements they must accept, the Electronic Freedom Foundation has acquired a copy and posted…

Third-party apps headed to Amazon's Kindle

Finally realising that there's enough power buried in the Kindle to do more than just read books, Amazon have today announced that they will be opening up the hardware to third-party app developers. The development kit has gone live, and…

TweetDeck versus Seesmic: battle of the Twitter apps


TweetDeck and Seesmic are desktop clients designed to make communicating on Twitter and managing your accounts easier.

Here they go, head to head: TweetDeck version 0.26 versus Seesmic version 0.4.

Look & Feel

Both TweetDeck and Seesmic are built using the Adobe AIR platform, and have a similar look and feel.

Seemsic appears to have more subtleties designed to make it easier to decipher tweets from multiple accounts at once, yet neither application is hugely customisable when it comes to the overall look.

If you only run a single Twitter account then seeing how applications handle multiple accounts won’t matter to you, but if you’re a “power user” handling two or more active accounts, you’ll find Seesmic offers more options for handling them.

Both applications let you view columns for each account’s tweets, replies, direct messages and so on, but Seesmic also allows you to view a single stream of messages from all your accounts at once, ordered by the time tweets arrive.

Whether this works for you depends on how you like to view accounts, but at least you have the option. TweetDeck (currently) doesn’t offer this.

Top 10 iPhone music apps

After yesterday's mammoth list of the 101 best iPhone apps we decided there was a little bit more room… for a list of the iPhone's top 10 music applications. These are apps that help you to listen to or discover…

The App Store turns one

form mt:asset-id=”90637″ class=”mt-enclosure mt-enclosure-image” style=”display: inline;”>app-store-birthday.jpg

This week marks the first anniversary of the Apple iTunes App Store. Funnily enough, Apple has not missed the opportunity to publicise the fact and nor have we, although not necessarily for the same reasons.

There’s no doubting that the App Store has been a huge success and one of the most important factors in the spread of the iPhone but what of the future? Where is the App Store headed next or is it just a one trick pony?

Each day this week we’re looking at a different facet of what it’s achieved, what it stands for and what it means for the rest of the market place. Stay tuned each day and don’t miss our massive Top Apps list coming later in the week. Enjoy and happy downloading.