Third-party apps headed to Amazon's Kindle

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kindle.jpgFinally realising that there’s enough power buried in the Kindle to do more than just read books, Amazon have today announced that they will be opening up the hardware to third-party app developers.

The development kit has gone live, and is available here. It features everything a budding Kindle-app maker needs to self publish their creations onto the Kindle App Store, which will open its online doors later this year.

Authors and publishers already have the ability to upload content to the regular Kindle Store.

So what can we expect from the Kindle apps? We’ll with a 3G connection and a QWERTY keyboard, it’d be nice to see some social networking apps, perhaps something like Twitter, which doesn’t necessarily have to be as visual demanding considering the Kindle’s e-ink black and white display. Or, why not some sort of word processor with publishing abilities built in; users could whack out their own amateur fiction on the QWERTY and then share it with the world across 3G.

Any more ideas? Let us know in the comments area below.

Gerald Lynch
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