VIDEO: iTunes App store wall at Apple WWDC 2009

Like ’em or loathe ’em, you can’t help but be impressed. This is what the Apple iTunes App Store is doing right now. It’s a live feed of the 20,000 most popular applications in real-time plus a five minute delay. Each time one of them blinks, it’s being downloaded onto an iPhone or iPod Touch somewhere in the world. Take a look…

It’s like watching camera flashes at the opening ceremony of the Olympics Games. If you pause the video to read the display, which is sitting outside Apple WWDC, you’ll see that it’s approx 3,000 apps per minute. A very nice advert for would-be developers.

Look to the right and you’ll notice the installation is run on 20 Mac Pro towers with OS X Snow Leopard all synchronised on 20 HD 30-inch Apple cinema displays. Pretty good advert for their hardware too.

Nintendo reveals initial offerings on DSiWare

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Nintendo has just announced the games and applications that’ll be available at launch for the DSiWare channel on the new Nintendo DSi. The console, which we reviewed here, has functionality allowing for the downloading of new software. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Nintendo DSi Browser – to surf the internet on your DSi
  • Paper Plane – guide a paper aircraft through a maze
  • Pyoro – catch fruit using a bird’s tongue
  • WarioWare: Snapped! – move your hands and face in front of the camera to complete superquick mini-games
  • Art Style: AQUITE – help a diver reach the bottom of the ocean
  • Art Style: CODE – numerical puzzle game requiring you to turn the DSi on its side

These titles will be available for “Nintendo points” that can be earned either by buying games or by buying them separately. Registering your console will immediately give you 1,000 points free, too. Games and apps will either be free or cost 200, 500 or 800+ points.

Nintendo DSi

Qik mobile video-streaming application comes to BlackBerry


Qik, the popular mobile video-streaming service, has just launched a client for BlackBerry devices. Qik allows users to stream video from their mobile device to websites and blogs over a 3G, Wi-Fi or GPRS connection. As of sometime this morning, it now works on RIM devices running BlackBerry OS 4.5 and above, including the Pearl 8120, Pearl 8130, and the recently released BlackBerry Bold. Qik clients for the BlackBerry Curve and Flip 8220 should be available soon…

Windows to enter the Cloud next month, claims Ballmer


One of the current tech buzzwords is “Cloud Computing”, which basically means using web applications rather than software stored on the computer (it’s more complicated than that, before someone gets pedantic with me, but that’ll do for now).

It’s something that Google has been working towards for some time, with the introduction of its applications and the Chrome web browser, and Microsoft is keen not to be left behind.

Speaking at a conference in London, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer said that a “new operating system designed for the cloud” would be introduced within the next four weeks…

Samsung teaming up with Yahoo to offer web-enhanced TV, via the Widget Channel


Samsung will, so it is believed, announce a deal with Yahoo to include a series of web apps with its forthcoming HDTV range at this week’s IFA tech show.

The apps, powered by Yahoo Widgets and operating under the name Widget Channel, will let you augment your TV-watching experience, having all sorts of little windows popping up to give you news feeds, tell you what the weather is doing outside and let you watch share prices plummet throughout that afternoon’s episode of Countdown…

iTunes 7.7 now available: iPhone App Store live

With New Zealand’s iPhone launch less than an hour away, it’s no surprise that Apple has finally released iTunes 7.7, a required piece of software for activating the iPhone and accessing the applications store.

It’s a 48MB download, but given that you need a broadband connection to use the iPhone anyway, it should only take you five minutes or so to install (unless Apple’s web servers start crawling, which is a possibility)…