Microsoft to launch "Skymarket" for Windows Mobile 7

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windows-mobile.jpgBased on a couple of job postings on their website, it looks like Microsoft will be launching an applications store very soon to coincide with the launch of Windows Mobile 7 (note: different from Windows 7).

The site will likely echo the iPhone’s App Store, but before you start crying “Microsoft copying Apple!”, remember that Windows Mobile has always supported third party applications. In fact there are over 18,000 applications available for Windows Mobile, compared to 2,000 for iPhone.

Of course, Microsoft hasn’t been making any money from these thousands of applications. Putting them all in one central database, rather than the bazillions of dodgy website that currently exist, will allow Microsoft the chance to share in the revenue that application developers are making.

Initial launch, if the job postings are to be believed, will be this autumn, and Windows Mobile 7, with integrated “Skymarket” should be out early next year.

Windows Mobile (via istartedsomething)

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Duncan Geere
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