Opera Mobile 9.5 beta launched for Windows Mobile devices

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opera_mobile_9_5_hand.jpgOpera Software yesterday released the first beta version of its Opera Mobile 9.5 browser software for mobile phones running the Windows Mobile operating system.

It allows full web pages to be rendered, and unlike that “i” phone which doesn’t presently accommodate some web standards, Opera will (soon) happily digest and display Flash — OK, so the beta doesn’t at present, but it’s definitely coming, the company promises.

Claiming to be one-and-a-half to two times faster than Internet Explorer for Mobile, the browser allows users to pan, scan, and zoom around pages as desired.

Also included is the DragonFly debugging tool which allows developers to troubleshoot problems with JavaScript, CSS, DOM, and other web technologies with fun acronyms.

Of course, Windows Mobile users will crow that they have the choice of what browser to install, which is great news for Opera Software if it gets it right, and also an encouragement for them to keep developing to hold off competition from others like Mozilla and Skyfire.

Opera Mobile download page (Via <a href=”http://www.informationweek.com/news/internet/browsers/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=209100718’>InformationWeek)

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