Nintendo's Wii "aids bonding" and will bring about an end to all crime and dysfunction


wii-reducing-crime-saving-world.jpgIt’s Happy News Friday! When you spend all of Saturday night playing Wii Sports or Smash Bros. or whatever it is people do with their Wiis other than put them away in cupboards until next Christmas, you’re not just playing a game – you’re making a difference.

A survey by stat-counter GfK NOP found that 83% of people in the UK think Wii “increases family interaction” thanks to its collection of simplistic party games that even Great Uncle Wilfred can manage to win at occasionally after a bottle of whiskey.

Half of the people asked also thought that Wii and DS had a positive effect on children, compared to the Xbox 360’s rather poorer 28%. Nintendo is making the world a safer place for all our children, basically, and we ought to be grateful.

(Via Marketing Week)

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Gary Cutlack
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