Alienware Area-51 m17x notebook gaming beast launches today – bloody big, bloody powerful

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Alienware has today released a new version of their top of the line gaming laptops in the mighty shape of the Alienware Area 51 m17x.

This 17-inch, 5.2kg hunk of gaming metal adds a little extra size to the m15x and is proudly announced as the Dell subsiduary’s most powerful notebook to date. You wouldn’t exactly call this beast portable but then it’s all part of the modern day home computer solution with the notions of both one machine per household and a family desktop both plummeting.


Naturally there’s a degree of choice when it comes to specs but you can get an Intel Core 2 Extreme X9000 processor, up to 4GB of DDR2 RAM at 667MHz and 640GB of HDD storage plus optional hybrid drive and hot swappable Smart Dock to take you up into the terabytes.

The really tasty part is the not one, but two NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTX graphics cards for absolute hardcore playing power that simply has to be enough to stop any in-game mid-battle frenzy lag. Two or three of these running at the same time will probably drain the national grid but who ever said gaming was green?

The screen supports extreme HD at 1200p but there is an HDMI output, of course, if you’d rather hook it up to your big screen, and while we’re on TVs it also comes with a TV tuner and DVR for you to store all your transmissions for a later date. Lucky you’ve got all those storage options.

The only thing that slightly blows me away is that there’s no sign of a Blu-ray player or recorder? I keep thinking that I’m just missing it somewhere, given it’s such an entertainment machine, but I can’t find hide nor hair of one anywhere in all the specs. I am waiting to be put right.

The Alienware Area-51 m17x starts at £1,430 but expect it to be closer to two gs for the top end model.


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