2008: The gadgets we couldn't live without

As the lights go out tonight on 2008, we thought we’d reflect back in the year just gone, and pick a few gadgets that we absolutely, positively, couldn’t live without this year. I’ve contributed a couple, and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say it was tough to narrow the list down.

I could have nominated my brilliant Acer Aspire One netbook. I could have nominated my beloved Zune 30 MP3 player (and very nearly did). I probably should at least mention my Victorinox WT messenger bag that goes almost everywhere that I do. However, none of those approach the love that I have for the gadgets that made the list.

See those gadgets, and Dan and Gary’s choices, too, by clicking on my beloved N95 below.

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Nintendo's Wii "aids bonding" and will bring about an end to all crime and dysfunction


It’s Happy News Friday! When you spend all of Saturday night playing Wii Sports or Smash Bros. or whatever it is people do with their Wiis other than put them away in cupboards until next Christmas, you’re not just playing a game – you’re making a difference.

A survey by stat-counter GfK NOP found that 83% of people in the UK think Wii “increases family interaction” thanks to its collection of simplistic party games that even Great Uncle Wilfred can manage to play after half a bottle of whiskey…

Hug Shirt from CuteCircuit allows you to send hugs via Bluetooth

hugshirt4.jpg Bluetooth accessories for mobiles tend to revolve around Nathan Barley-esque headsets or dinky little speakers, so it’s refreshing to see a company like CuteCircuit thinking outside the box.

They’ve designed a product called Hug Shirt which pretty much does what it says on the label, with the Bluetooth sensors and actuators attached to the shirt allowing you to send a hug to a friend who’s also wearing the shirt. This is all well and good, until of course you inevitably meet up that evening, as after sending hugs…