Hug Shirt from CuteCircuit allows you to send hugs via Bluetooth

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hugshirt4.jpg Bluetooth accessories for mobiles tend to revolve around Nathan Barley-esque headsets or dinky little speakers, so it’s refreshing to see a company like CuteCircuit thinking outside the box.

They’ve designed a product called Hug Shirt which pretty much does what it says on the label, with the Bluetooth sensors and actuators attached to the shirt allowing you to send a hug to a friend who’s also wearing the shirt. This is all well and good, until of course you inevitably meet up that evening, as after sending hugs to each other you’re completely loved up…and then you realise you’re wearing the same outfit, Kath and Kel Day-Knight stylee. It’s going to hit the shops shortly, so be prepared for some massive loving coming your way soon. If anyone loves you, that is.

CuteCircuit’s Hug Shirt (via Geekologie)

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