LifeShirt measures how much of a life you have



Detecting pulse, respiration, galvanic skin response, and dozens of other physical effects, the LifeShirt by VivoMetrics is a vest that lets people who need to have their vibes monitored have a comparatively normal life. Instead of conveying whatever you remember to your doc, or involving invasive stick-ons that you try not to dislodge while “going about your normal routine as usual” it feels like a comparatively ordinary piece of clothing. I had to wear a Holter heart monitor myself a few years ago and going about my normal routine was pretty tricky with a dozen rubbery cables wrapped around my torso – I felt like an extra in a… well, nevermind. The point is, I’d rather wear a LifeShirt. Prescription only, going for about £200 plus £25 per day to actually monitor the output. But what price freedom? [GT]

LifeShirt by VivoMetrics

Gabrielle Taylor
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