Couples "three times more likely" to text I LOVE YOU this Valentine's than say it

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Got that loving feeling? Well these days you’re 3 times more likely to open your heart via text than just opening your mouth and saying it.

A poll of 2,137 people aged over 18 in the UK showed that 61% of mobile owners texted their partners to say they loved them n a regular basis, compared to only 22% who would whisper sweet nothings face-to-face.

Other findings included that needy men are likely to send their partners three text messages a day compared to just one received from ladies, and that 71% of women questioned had dumped a guy by text. Ouch.

Mark Owen, founder of who conducted the survey and not the diminutive Take That star, commented on the findings;

“It’s amazing that people are three times more likely to text their partner telling them they love them than tell them to their face. We all know absence makes the heart grow fonder, so perhaps it’s being away from your partner that makes us feel the need to text them our true feelings. However, I was shocked to hear that 71% of women had dumped someone by text!

“I was also very surprised to learn that men, on average, text their partner four times a day, compared to only once a day on average with women. Women are always seen as more romantic and expressive of their feelings. In a time where mobile phones are being blamed as a reason for divorce, it’s quite nice to hear that the majority of people are sending their love via text.”

Gerald Lynch
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