Top 5 Personalised Gifts for Car Lovers This Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and if you’re a little fed up with the traditional flowers, chocolate and restaurant combination, why not try a more personal approach? Before you jump to conclusions, we’re talking about the perfect, personalised gifts to suit car lovers. Read on to see the Top 5 Gift Ideas for motor-enthused loved ones…

My geeky Valentine (there's an app for that)

Which Valentine's date should I choose? How much should I spend on a Valentine's gift? Do I have a snowball's chance with her? The answers to all these questions and more are now within reach, with the Geek Logik…

Top Ten Geeky Valentine Presents: For Him

It's that time of year again, where we all rush off to Clinton's for a naff card, a syrupy teddy and a box of Quality Streets for our loved ones. Yep, Valentine's Day rears its sickly head once again,…

Truphone offer free Valentine's Day calls across the world

Looking to "spread the love" this Valentine's Day, mobile communications provider Truphone will be offering free calls to 30 countries across the world on February 14th. The 24 hour long promotion includes free landline calls to much of Europe,…

Google Earth puts Valentine's holiday island firmly on the map


It all smells rather of some large publicity stunt, in fact, it is a large publicity stunt, of which I’m now a part, but what the hell – Google Earth has made it very clear to the world that the island of Galesnjak off the coast of Croatia is shaped a lot like a heart – or at least a love heart anyway.

The owner of the island, Vlado Juresko, had always had an idea about the dimensions of his 130,000 square yard piece of uninhabited real estate but only got the full picture once inundated with booking requests…

Shiny Video Review: Top Valentine's Day presents for geeks

It may be too late to buy some of these gifts in time for tonight’s soppy Valentine’s dinner with your loved one, but I can assure you they’re more impressive than ASDA’s two dozen roses for £4 deal.

Take a look above for some of Zara and my top tips…

Top five crap Valentine’s Day colourways/products to get your loved loathed one tomorrow

This happens but once a year, where companies feel compelled to spray-paint their products an embarrassing shade of red or pink in the hopes some daft fool will be forced to buy it at 5.42pm on the 14th of February, because Godiva and Charbonnel et Walker have run out of chocolates.

Here’s my top five pick of what not to buy someone for Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Not a single one. No-one. Just don’t do it. Get them some tins of Green Giant niblets instead.

1.) Sony VAIO CR notebook –
an expensive present for your loved one, this red-painted laptop will set you back $1,000, however you can be safe in the knowledge your partner will slap you for insulting him/her with a red matching cover and heart-shaped key chain. What? You think they actually like Sony VAIOs?!

Microsoft and sex expert Tracey Cox's top tips for hot webcamming action this V-day

Microsoft and sex/love expert Tracey Cox have teamed up to express their worry over those indulging in a spot of internet dating whilst webcamming this Valentine’s Day – use protection, they cry!

To support the launch of Microsoft’s new range of webcams – the VX-7000, VX-6000, NX-6000 and NX-3000 – Tracey and her heaving bosoms want you to know that you should always…

Check what’s in view

People will make assumptions about you simply by looking at the things you own, so make sure everything in view sends the signals you want to send. If you’re keen to promote a certain image – like be seen as intelligence, for instance, make sure a pile of books are in view. If you want to be seen as artistic, put a painting directly behind you.

Along with…