My geeky Valentine (there's an app for that)

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Which Valentine’s date should I choose? How much should I spend on a Valentine’s gift? Do I have a snowball’s chance with her?

The answers to all these questions and more are now within reach, with the Geek Logik Valentine’s app. Available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the app will help you determine all aspects of V-day, down to whether you should get on your knees and propose marriage. And you can even share your answers with your Facebook and Twitter friends too, should you be that way inclined.

The app allows for some reassuringly mathematical certainty to some of the murkier questions in love, and there’s even a Panic button sending you to some suitable shops if you’ve forgot to buy a gift.

The app is based on a book by Garth Sundem, who says:

‘We all weigh factors when making decisions. Geek Logik just does with math what your brain does naturally. You answer simple questions to make something like a list of pluses and minuses and then whichever side is bigger, wins. Okay, there’s some math behind the scenes that makes it a little cooler…but don’t worry, Geek Logik does all the heavy lifting.’

You will be asked to provide answers to basic questions, as well as determining ‘relative hotness’ on a sliding scale. No actual maths skills are required, though. Either way, some comic relief is probably the proper spirit with which to view the heart-shaped day. Have a good one, everybody.

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