Royal wedding 3D coverage plans scrapped

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As we were getting all excited of the prospect of experiencing Kate and Wills’ big day in glorious 3D, Buckingham Palace has scrapped the idea.

The decision was taken by the royal family in consultation with the royal couple, after BSkyB had gone to some length to try and persuade them. The broadcasting group had gone to the trouble of filming a mock 3D wedding, but the royals ended up ruling it out due to logistics, according to the Guardian.

‘I know you have all become increasingly enthusiastic about 3D and I’m sorry that this will come as a disappointment,’ royal secretary Patrick Harrison told press. ‘I hope you feel the process we have gone through will be helpful for other live events and of course we do not rule out facilitating 3D at some point in the future.’

The additional camera footprint in Westminster Abbey was cited as a key factor against 3D coverage, as well as the relatively small audience for the format. While hopes are dashed for April, 3D fans are now hoping for better news come the Queen’s speech in December. Fingers crossed.

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