IFA 2008: Coverage roundup

IFA 2008

ifa-logo.jpgThis page will be updated over the coming days with all of our coverage from IFA 2008. IFA, along with CES, is one of the big consumer electronics trade shows in the calendar.

Dan’s going down on behalf of Tech Digest, and Zara and Susi from Shiny Shiny – our sister site – will be going down, whereas I’ll be staying home with my feet up and a cup of hot cocoa, getting all the coverage out onto the site. You should also keep an eye on our Twitter feed here.

Dan meets the 10″ Medion Mini netbook here
Dan also meets the LG X110 netbook here
Gary sums up the Phillips 22OXW9 Lightframe monitor here
Duncan and Lucy warred over the prettiness or lack thereof of the Harman/Kardon GLA-55 speakers here and here
Gary takes a look at the Philips 42PFL9303 42″ flat screen here
Gary was impressed by the tidiness inherent in the Philips Essence LCD here
Duncan liked the Harman/Kardon MS 100 all-in-one audio system here
Zara navigates three of the latest sat navs from TomTom here
Susi takes a look at a couple of gaming projectors from Epson here
Susi looked at a home projector from Epson here
Susi found EVEN MORE projectors to cover here
Susi showcased Cowan’s new touchscreen media players here
Lucy summed up three new sets of Creative Gigaworks speakers here
Susi checked out Gear4’s new iPod transmitters here
Susi admired the remarkably thin BDV-IT1000 speakers here
Andy gets stuck into four new high-def projectors from Epson here
Zara gets hands-on with the Samsung X360 here
Dan got really excited by the Fortune Sound Base G1 here
Zara shows off the new JVC Everio HD30 and HD40 here
James investigated the Epson EH-DM2 projector here
Duncan beat up Chuck Norris and his Rollei X-8 Sports camera here
Dan is dwarfed by a pair of massive speakers from Swan here
Dan is dazzled by a range of solar charging laptop cases here
Zara looks at the m-Qubic video messaging system here

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Susi takes a look at the latest media streamer from Compositor here
Susi checks out the latest additions to the Griffin iPod range here
Trekstor launches three new MP3 players here
Dan liveblogged the Sharp press conference here
Gary examines a super-thin Brazia ZX1 LCD from Sony here
Gary gets a snapshot of the Cyber-shot T500 from Sony here
Duncan hears about the Plantronics Gamecom 777 gaming headset here
Dan hoovered up the iRobot vacuums here
Dan took a closer look at the Sony Brazia ZX1 LCD here
Gary listened intently to a bunch of new Sony Walkmans (Walkmen?) here
Susi examined the compositor media streamer here
Gary galleries a bunch of Medion PCs here
Andy eyes up the super-thin Sharp AQUOS XS1 and D65E here
Dan examines the Phillips 9800 series of LCDs here
Duncan summaries some Logitech speakers and cameras here
Zara liveblogs the Samsung Notebook Conference here
James digs into Medion’s new home theatre tech here
James analyses the Samsung X360 laptop here
Dan covers the Toshiba HD Regza upscaling LCDs here

Duncan Geere
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  • I second albertacowpoke’s question…
    I hate guns If no guns of everyone,the world maybe well.
    Think they would read the BILL if they had to live by it?

  • I second albertacowpoke’s question…
    I hate guns If no guns of everyone,the world maybe well.
    Think they would read the BILL if they had to live by it?

  • You guys gonna visit the Cowon stand anytime soon, or did i miss that? Would run there myself if i was near. Come on, wanna see the S9 pmp.

  • Impressive – Item posted on 31st August, and I’m reading it on August 27th. Maybe the main focus of the article should be that Mr.Geere appears to of invented time travel 🙂

    • Haha, it’s just a trick we’re using in our software that lets us keep a post at the top for the duration of IFA08. I’m working on time travel, but so far the results haven’t been stellar – believe me, when I crack it, you lot will be the first to know. I’m not kidding – I’ll go back to when you were born and tell you.

      • Mr Geere is a very talented man. Don’t listen to a word of his lies, Neil. It’s all a cover.

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