IFA 2008: Rollei X-8 Sports is the Chuck Norris of cameras

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rollei-x8-sports.jpgNo, actually, it’s not. Because nothing could possibly be as rugged than Chuck Norris. What it does rival is the Ricoh G600. When I say “rival” though, I actually mean “spec slightly worse in every category”. There isn’t any price yet, though, so maybe that’s where it can win out.

The Rollei X-8 Sports is lightweight (158g), resistant to moisture, dirt and cold, waterproof to 10m, and can take a 1m drop. So it’s pretty hardcore. It’s reasonably-specced too. 8megapixel, 3x optical zoom, and up to 1600 ISO, along with a whole host of shooting presets.

The Ricoh, on the other hand, is 10 megapixels, stands 1.5m of drop, has 5x zoom, and is 3200ISO. It was out in May, and cost £350 then, so you might well be able to get it for cheaper now. The price point is what’ll differentiate the Rollei. That, and its boyish good lucks and tufts of chest-hair. It’ll be out Sept/Oct.

Rollei website

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