IFA 2008: Harman/Kardon MS 100 all-in-one audio system

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ms-100.jpgIn stark contrast to the ugly ugly speakers we saw earlier, this all-in-one audio unit is considerably prettier. All-in-one isn’t an empty promise, either. It’s got an iPod dock, a CD player, FM radio, speakers, and a clock radio. Basically, sit this on your bedside table and you’ll never be wanting of audio entertainment ever again.

I’m impressed by the connectivity on this little thing. It comes with a remote control, and has S-Video and composite video outputs in case you want to hook up your iPod to a TV to view photos and video. You can also hook it up to a computer via USB to allow you to sync songs to your iPod from iTunes.

The CD player plays pretty much any kind of CD you can imagine – including MP3 and WMA data cds. You can even hook it up to a more hardcore stereo system via an optical digital out on the back, or plug in your turntable or other audio source into one of the three auxiliary audio inputs on the back.

The MS100 will be available as of October 2008, but there’s no word of how much it’ll cost. Between the Harman/Kardon brand and the fantastic versatility of this thing, I would be very surprised if it was on the joyful side of £150.


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Duncan Geere
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