harman/kardon Bridge II iPhone dock – handheld AV to your TV


bridge-II-iphone-dock.jpgYou might look at the harman/kardon Bridge II and see another iPhone/Pod docking station and you’d be wrong – well, you’d be right but you’d be wrong too. Let’s say 60% right to 40% wrong and be done with it.

The 40% of interest here is because this sharp looking piece of kit can be plugged into your home entertainment system for both audio and video playback. Nice, and if you use it in conjunction with an h/k receiver such as their new AVR-354, you can even control your pocket Jobs from your TV menus, otherwise you’ll have to use the Bridge II dock remote. What a chore.

The Brigdge II docking station can be yours for $129 as of early summer, which I thought was now, or available for free if you buy an AVR-354 receiver.

harman/kardon (via iLounge)

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