Nokia's N96 mobile will be released July 31st, for £599 SIM-free, claims

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nokia-n96-photo.jpgThe security surrounding the launch of the N96 hasn’t exactly been watertight, first with rumours pointing at an August release date from none other than the Carphone Warehouse, and now thanks to, we’ve learned it will be a day sooner than expected – July 31st.

The online retailer has also revealed the SIM-free price of the mega-phone, which is a rather high £599. That’s $1,200 for the US market! Now, I’m sure most people are sensible enough to get the phone for ‘free’ on a 12-18 month contract with a network, but there’s sure to be one or two morons out there who can’t wait for the Nokia Touch Tube, which will be out later this year.

N96 at (via Nok Nok)

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One thought on “Nokia's N96 mobile will be released July 31st, for £599 SIM-free, claims

  • Not sure why you have to refer to people who don’t want to wait for the Tube as “morons”. The only value-added feature (forgive the marketing speak) is the touch screen, which I don’t care two hoots for, and a rumoured 3.2 MP camera is certainly nothing to crow about.

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