Dual-SIM LG-KS660 mobile set for the European market


Next to the very smiley Japanese lady in the picture to the right are two LG-KS660s, newly announced in Japan from LG. It’s headed for Europe but other than that, we don’t have tonnes of info yet sadly.

What we do know, aside from its dual-SIM nature, is that it’s got a touchscreen, 5-megapixel camera, 8GB of internal memory, TV-OUT and USB connector. It’s basically a touchscreen version of the Nokia N96, in most respects.

We don’t have any pricing or release date info yet, either. Personally speaking, if I was in a bath, and I’d heard the news this was available, I wouldn’t jump out and head straight for the local Carphone Warehouse. I’d wait till I was done in the tub. Even then, I might make a cup of tea and dry my hair first.

(via Akihabara News)

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Nokia launches N97 – new touchscreen behemoth


Yesterday, Nokia execs teased the world’s tech bloggers by saying that they had a big announcement, and were surprised that it hadn’t leaked. I’m surprised too – the big announcement is the N97. It’s the followup to their brilliant, and ridiculously successful N95, and semi-upgrade the N96.

The specs on this baby promise a lot. It’ll have a 3.5″, 640 x 360 touchscreen display (16:9, not 16:10), a QWERTY keyboard, HSDPA and Wi-Fi, 32GB(!) of onboard memory, a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, “DVD-quality” video capture (eat that, iPhone), and a battery that promises to pump out a day and a half of continuous audio playback. No mention of GPS, but I’d be very surprised if it lacks it.

Best of all, Nokia promises an ‘always-open’ window to the internet and social networking sites. If that integration runs clearly through the phone, it could be very powerful indeed. This is Nokia’s answer to the iPhone. The specs certainly win the day, but can they crack the all-important interface? We’ll have to wait and see.

Nokia N97 (via N96 Bruce Lee edition – enter the handset | MWC 2008: Nokia N96 versus Nokia N95

N96 Bruce Lee edition – enter the handset


Yes, you read that right. Bruce Lee edition. If you didn’t think the N96 could be any cooler, then you’ve got a problem, because it’s not exactly the coolest handset around, but it has just got a smidgen cooler, thanks to this launch. Sadly, it’s Hong Kong only so far.

The handset comes with Lee’s trademark glare on the back cover, as well as a bunch of accessories and a Bruce Lee doll. Several rare photos of the actor are stored on the phone’s memory. It costs 8,788 Chinese Yuan (£870!), and you’ll need to know some Chinese to buy it.

Nokia China (via Unwired View)

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Shiny Video Review: Nokia N96

Ladies and Gentlemen, the N96 has arrived. The eagerly-anticipated follow up to the N95 and N95 8GB came out on the 1st October, and by clicking “play” on the above video, you’ll be able to see for yourself, too.

Couple of quick things to add – the PC connector isn’t as proprietary as I claim – it’s MicroUSB. Still, those connectors aren’t exactly common yet, so the point remains. Also, the phone does have Nokia Maps 2.0, I don’t think it comes installed by default. Of course, I strongly recommend using it over the rubbishy Nokia Maps 2.0.

Nokia N96

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iPhone 3G Vs. Nokia N96 – the ultimate specs comparison


Concluding our iPhone 3G Week here at Tech Digest, I’ve whipped together a comparison of the iPhone 3G and Nokia N96. If you’re not tossing up between these two mobiles, why not check out our comparisons of the HTC Touch Diamond and BlackBerry Bold with Apple’s new handset?

Nokia N96: 103mm high, 55mm wide and 20mm thick, weighs 125g.
iPhone 3G: 115.5mm high, 62.1mm wide and 12.3mm thick, weighs 133g.

Nokia N96: 2.8″ QVGA non-touch display.
iPhone 3G: 3.5″ multi-touch display….

Nokia's N96 mobile will be released July 31st, for £599 SIM-free, claims Play.com


The security surrounding the launch of the N96 hasn’t exactly been watertight, first with rumours pointing at an August release date from none other than the Carphone Warehouse, and now thanks to Play.com, we’ve learned it will be a day sooner than expected – July 31st.

The online retailer has also revealed the SIM-free price of the mega-phone, which is a rather high £599. That’s $1,200 for the US market! Now, I’m sure most people are sensible enough to get the phone for ‘free’ on a 12-18 month contract with a network, but there’s sure to be one or two morons out there who can’t wait for the Nokia Touch Tube, which will be out later this year….