TD Tips: the best online TV viewing/stealing platforms

With the sad and slightly tinged with irrelevance news of project Kangaroo biting the dust, we here at TD wanted to share our alternative suggestions for good, damn good and downright excellent places to watch TV on the internet.

So, instead of waffling on – which believe me, I do like to do – about why Kangaroo’s failure isn’t so bad and yet is important in terms of intelliectual property, let’s get straight to the heart of it. What are we going to do now? Where should we watch TV online. Well, this is the Tech Digest answer…

TD Tips: What's the worst Christmas present you could receive?


Buying Christmas presents has become a very easy thing since the dawn of the fabulous Tech Digest Top 100 Gifts of 2008 countdown. But if you want to be some kind of maverick about the whole thing and go off book, then before you go making any grave tech errors heed our warning on today’s TD Tips.

As always with this feature, I canvass the opinions of our four writers and today the question is: what is the worst tech present you could receive this Christmas. The rules are…