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With the sad and slightly tinged with irrelevance news of project Kangaroo biting the dust, we here at TD wanted to share our alternative suggestions for good, damn good and downright excellent places to watch TV on the internet.

So, instead of waffling on – which believe me, I do like to do – about why Kangaroo’s failure isn’t so bad and yet is important in terms of intelliectual property, let’s get straight to the heart of it. What are we going to do now? Where should we watch TV online. Well, this is the Tech Digest answer.

Sir, ma’am, click on the picture below and we’ll explain…

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Daniel Sung
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  • Have to disagree here.
    Can watch the BBC on our TVs here – satellite / arial / cable – but because we live in Ireland cannot access the iPlayer – huge disappointment, this is one of the stations I grew up with.
    Was hoping to be able to see repeats of shows from the 70s and 80s – like Man from Atlantis, The Sentinals.

  • Same as author- my DVD collection has grown big-time since finding this. Great way to get hooked on shows not available here or delayed on this side of the atlantic.
    Once a show is finished usually have the season pre-booked on Amazon or down to HMV to get all the extras. Also a great way to get gift ideas for extended families. All without those pesky adverts.

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